Halloween – Kermit the Frog costume

So as promised this post is all about putting together a Kermit the Frog costume, simply and easily, just in time for Halloween.

2013-10-23 23.14.21This is Susie Q who you may recognise from pretty much every single one of my blogs. As she’s just a tad bit obsessed with Kermit she decided this was the costume for her and after a (frantic) day of last minute shopping with Keith, Clodagh and Jade we were set. Putting it together was simple enough and the girl looked great on the night in the costume too!!

So the first step for Susie was the eyes.

2013-10-23 23.16.10Kermit’s eyes sit high on his head so she crafted a sort of headband. She got the lids from two bottles of deodorant and drew the distinctive Kermit eyes on the front of them. She then pierced the sides of both eyes to put some string through to tie them on.

2013-10-23 23.17.51Next was the outfit. As Susie didn’t own a  dress that was the right shade of green, nor could we find one, we bought a white shirt dress in Penneys for €5, a green string top for €2.50 and some Tropical Green Dylon dye in the chemist. Two spin cycles later and she now owns a Tropical Green dress.

2013-10-23 23.20.40And finally Susie Q added the trademark triangles from around Kermit’s neck to the neck of her dress. These were made by cutting triangles from the string top I mentioned purchasing earlier. She also added other pieces to her shoes to carry the look throughout the outfit.


Another home made costume well worth a mention was Keith’s!!

2013-10-21 22.03.07Keith’s splendid Robin costume (circa 1960s Burt Ward) was made by his own (and his mother’s and my) fair hand. This costume is made by layering red and green t-shirts for the two tone shirt, a green pair of briefs, a yellow pair of tights, green shoes and a home made cape and utility belt. The mask was added using face paint. The resemblance was uncanny!!

2013-10-23 23.44.00Hope you liked this post! I’ll be posting one more time this week with some simple home made Halloween decoration ideas. As always feedback, comments, suggestions etc. is always appreciated in the comments!!

Toodles guys!!



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