Halloween decorations on a budget!

As promised in the title (and previous posts) this post is all about how to decorate your home for Halloween on a budget. Thanks to pound shops, discount stores and the holy land of students – Dealz, decorating your home has never been more affordable. But if like me you like to add a few of your own touches then this is the post for you.

Today’s tips, hacks and pictures are a step up from suggestions like outlining your pumpkin design in marker first to make it easier to cut out or freezing a water-filled rubber glove to create ice in the shape of a hand for a punch bowl, but they are just as simple.

First, I’ll start with pumpkins. The easiest way to carve a pumpkin according to the Modern Parents Messy Kids website is to use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes.

cookiecutterpumpkin0You can use a hammer or mallet to get the cookie cutter through if you’re not strong enough to push it, but the thinner the pumpkin the easier it will be to get it through. Similarly, you could use the cutter as a guide to cut the shape out by pressing it firmly into the pumpkin skin and then use a knife to cut it out.

Also, if you’re afraid of the pumpkin rotting before Halloween then I found the solution for that too on the Discount Queens’ website. Bleach!!

IMG_6415_opt-copyOnce your pumpkin has been carved simply soak it in a bucket or your sink, anywhere it can be fully submerged, and leave it there for 24 hours. The bleach prevents the growth of mold and preserves it for longer.

Next is a tip from the Plus Brain Power website for how to make some creepy candles. I love these, and again they’re something you can make with stuff you have lying around your house.

15-spooky-halloween-life-hacks1561866925-oct-20-2013-1-600x500Simply get a red candle (birthday candles will work) and once its lit, drop the wax that melts onto a plain white candle. Insert nails, needles or sewing pins at angles to the sides of the white candle for added effect.

Don’t forget, the most important thing about decorating your house is to have fun. Play around with things you have lying around your house. I made some ghosts and cobwebs for my house using just white paper and knitting wool.

2013-10-26 21.47.21 2013-10-26 21.42.37

If you really want to go the whole hog, check out a simple recipe here on how to make these guys from jelly and straws.


If you need any further explanation on anything in this post, all the photos are links to the original websites so just click on them. 🙂 As always comments and suggestions appreciated.

Toodles guys!!



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