Dessert life hacks

Hey folks,

the final life hack post for this week is in honour of my food-crazy brother, Francis, who’s off to college next year and won’t have mammy and sister to stuff endless treats down his neck. Here’s a few shortcuts for him and others in a similar situation in college.

My first dessert life hack is one Francis actually found himself and shared with me. It’s a recipe for the easiest loaf of bread you will ever make.

make-bread-with-ice-cream-life-hackThe reason this works is simple: ice cream is basically eggs, sugar, milk and cream. Add flour to the mix and you have a basic bread recipe. If you want to try something interesting try using mint or honeycomb ice cream for a sweet bread loaf.

And next is one of my favourite life hacks. In first year my friend Sorcha introduced me to these simple desserts – cakes in a mug. There’s a whole section of the internet dedicated to these phenomenons and their various flavours (it’s worth a Google) but this is my favourite.

The reason this works is the way the egg expands and firms up in the microwave. But be careful not to overfill the mug or the contents will spill out when you microwave the mixture.

And they’re my posts for this week. As always, the original sources of all life hacks in this blog can be found by clicking on the image and if you have any suggestions, questions, comments or tips please leave them below.




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