My technology life hacks

Hey guys,

to continue in the vein of technology; in today’s post I’m going to show you some life hacks I use a lot while watching stuff on my laptop.

I watch things on my laptop every night as I find it works to get me to sleep fairly quick especially when I’m stressed. For this reason I LOVE this life hack.


So this simple life hack means you can watch your favourite shows while lying down in your bed. Living the dream.

My next favourite life hack for watching shows and films on my tablet rather than my laptop is all about mounting the tablet easily.

ipad-mount-using-plastic-hooksYou can get these hooks in any euro shop or Dealz for about €1.49. This is useful for mounting your tablet beside your bed so you don’t roll on top of it, or just to store it somewhere safely when it’s not in use.

That’s my technology. As you can see I’m all about watching films and shows to relax. In my last post of the week I’ll be posting about our technology.

As always feedback, comments, suggestions etc. is always appreciated in the comments!!

Toodles guys!!



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