College student life – assignments

Sorry about the gap in posts but I’ve been ill and I lost the run of myself.

Today I’m doing a post on how to make researching a little bit easier for you.

Soooooooooo………… research.

1. We’ve all Googled random terms from the brief in our efforts to get the ball on research rolling. There is in fact a more effective way to search if you’re trying to come up with something related and worthy of referencing.

Submitted by: Brian Regan

This was submitted to 1000 Life Hacks by Brian Regan ( I’ve used this myself and it is in fact much more useful. It has all the scholarly attributes of the other dedicated databases but retains all the simplicity and familiarity of Google. And most importantly it’s all relevant results (no more links to bands called ‘Principles of Marketing’).

2. If you find yourself looking up definitions a lot as well and you use Chrome it may be worth adding the Google Dictionary extension from here . This extension displays definitions by simply double clicking on a word in the browser.

3. FINALLY, found a relevant article to your assignment after getting all the way to the bottom of the first page of Google results? Success!! Accidentally closed the tab and ruined your entire life? Well it’s a good thing you remember the life hack below then isn’t it.

Keyboard Shortcuts


This will open the last tab you closed. Need a tab you closed three tabs ago? Just do it three times. It’ll open the tabs in reverse order that they were closed.

Hopefully this will make the whole process that bit easier. My next post has tips on presenting and writing up assignments as that’s pretty much what’s in the air this week.

As always I’d love feedback, requests or comments so just leave them below.

Toodles 🙂



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