Halloween – Pop art girl costume

Hey guys,

So in the spirit of Halloween coming up I thought I’d take that theme this week. This post will show you how to make a pop art girl costume, a Kermit the Frog costume and finally how to make some decorations and the like for Halloween.

Today I’m starting with a costume I put together myself as I’m on a budget this year. I’ve always had it in my head to go as a pop art girl from the old days and way of marketing, similar to old style comic book art and this year I decided to do it. Below is a step by step guide on how I achieved this look.

2013-10-21 20.53.46

The required products are pictured below.2013-10-21 19.10.20I also used a red lipstick for my mouth, but this is all I needed to achieve the look, bar my clothes which i just pulled from my wardrobe.

2013-10-23 00.13.51So the first step is painting your face and neck (down to your clothes line) completely white. I did this using Snazaroo white face paint and a make up sponge. A tip at this stage is not to use a new sponge as it will soak up too much face paint and leaves the paint splotchy. An old one will already be saturated.

2013-10-23 00.16.58Next I added the spots to the face paint. I did this using an old NYC lip stain pen, as i find the nib easy to manage. You could also use face paint, old eyeliner etc, whatever you have and don’t need anymore. To achieve an even look in applying the dots try drawing one line down the middle of your face, placing the dots roughly 1cm apart, and begin drawing the next row 1cm to the left or right, with each dot between the dots in the row beside it.

2013-10-23 00.20.50The next step is the eyebrows and lining the face. Again, instead of using face paint which would easily work I used an old eye liner pen for control. Line the face close to the hair line, carrying down under the jawline, all the way around.

For the eye brows follow the shape of your own but make them thicker and more dramatic. Begin by drawing a line at the star of your brow and a dot where you want them to end, then fill this in.

2013-10-23 00.27.21Using the same black liner/face paint, highlight your features dramatically. Begin by drawing a line down the side of your nose and also around your nostrils. This line should not meet.

Next highlight your jawline.

Finally, highlight your chin. The highlighting should match the final image above.

2013-10-23 00.30.24Now for the eyes; outline the eye socket with a black line, beginning on the inside of the eye, following the eyelid and curving around the socket almost meeting the bottom lid as illustrated. Fill this lined area in with blue face paint. Add white face paint to the centre bottom of the lid to highlight the area.

2013-10-23 00.31.55And finally the mouth. This was achieved by finely but noticeably lining the mouth again with the black liner. I then filled the lip in with a red lipstick. At this point i drew a black line down the centre of the lip from top to bottom and blended to achieve a more cartoonish appearance. I then added a white spot to the bottom lip and blended that, again to high light the mouth and make it appear more cartoonish.

2013-10-23 00.56.23Finally I changed my clothes and added a wig I had lying around for the full look. If you don’t have a wig (I picked this up in Dealz for €1.49 a while ago) try old style hairstyles like a quiffed fringe and the rest pulled into a pony tale etc. I didn’t use my fake eyelashes as I haven’t quite figured out how to use them yet, but I did put together a speech bubble that I could rewrite messages on for photos all night by cutting up a magnetic wipeable fridge notice board we got free when we ordered pizza.

And that’s my costume. Cheap and easy, and everyone seemed impressed enough by it. Most importantly it cost about a tenner instead of the 35 euro most of my friends spent. Winning.

My next post will explain how to make a Kermit the frog costume, like Susie Q did.




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