Thighvertising Marketing

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So today I’m posting a blog that’s a little bit different to my usual post full of life hacks and tips. Today in my ICT for Advertising class we were given this article from a website about creative Guerilla marketing. The article was on the topic of ‘thighvertising,’ a new Japanese phenomenon.


Above is an example of thighvertising for the popular film ‘Ted’, and it’s exactly what it looks like. Women in Japan are being paid to get temporary tattoos advertising things on their thighs. After 8 hours of flashing their temporarily inked thigh and a few shares on social media sites they get paid for simply showing it off.

These new marketing tactic seems to me to be a new form of a similar tactic I heard about two years ago in England. In 2011 students  Ed Moyse and Ross Harper came up with a similar concept to pay off their combined student debt of £50,000 –  a website called This website allowed companies to rent the students faces for a day and the pair made £3,500 in the first ten days.


Get all the information about Ross and Ed in this article from The Daily Mail.

These forms of guerilla marketing are becoming more and more popular as companies fight to get the competitive edge in the ever growing market and set themselves apart from the competition. But I must say I’m a fan and can’t wait to see what’s next.

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