Our technology life hacks

Hey guys,

for my final post this week on technology I’m sharing some posts I think might help you guys in your day to day use of technology.

My first life hack today is to help you in your searching for solutions to problems on Google. Although I never think to do it, it really can be this simple.

Life-Hacks-Computer-problemsIt’s that easy folks!

My next tip is to help you untangle the technology in your life.With every technological advance we make to our lives we acquire another unidentifiable black plug. To help tell whether you’re plugging out the DVD player or the sky box, the toaster or the fridge to charge your phone, try labeling the plugs as illustrated here with bread ties. This is especially handy if the wires you’re searching through are all under a desk as it speeds things up.

life-hacks-how-to-make-your-life-easier-46This is especially handy if the wires you’re searching through are all under a desk as it speeds things up and minimises the time on the floor with your butt in the air.

And finally, if technology is taking over your life in the wrong ways there’s now some software that might help you.

c38b67a7d41ee17d7fcbb9bfbf47e352If Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter are constantly distracting you this program can block them for an amount of time that you determine.

That’s all from my blog for this week. As always, if you want to see the original website the life hacks came from just click on the images.

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My technology life hacks

Hey guys,

to continue in the vein of technology; in today’s post I’m going to show you some life hacks I use a lot while watching stuff on my laptop.

I watch things on my laptop every night as I find it works to get me to sleep fairly quick especially when I’m stressed. For this reason I LOVE this life hack.


So this simple life hack means you can watch your favourite shows while lying down in your bed. Living the dream.

My next favourite life hack for watching shows and films on my tablet rather than my laptop is all about mounting the tablet easily.

ipad-mount-using-plastic-hooksYou can get these hooks in any euro shop or Dealz for about €1.49. This is useful for mounting your tablet beside your bed so you don’t roll on top of it, or just to store it somewhere safely when it’s not in use.

That’s my technology. As you can see I’m all about watching films and shows to relax. In my last post of the week I’ll be posting about our technology.

As always feedback, comments, suggestions etc. is always appreciated in the comments!!

Toodles guys!!


TED’s technology life hacks

Hey readers,

this week my posts are about technology. I’ve posted a few hacks on this topic before but I feel that, as it takes up such a large part of our lives, it’s worth another few posts.

My first post this week is actually a video from TED. If you haven’t heard of TED, they define themselves on their website as “a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.” Through blogs, videos and conferences they share interesting and useful information about everything to everyone. They are well worth checking out.

This post is to share a video from their blog from a conference where David Pogue talks about 10 life hacks that can save you time.

The video is less than 6 minutes long but the way it’s presented is interesting.

If you’re not into watching videos, the main points of the talk  from here are listed below for your convenience.

  1. Use the space bar to scroll down a page. Hold the shift key and the space bar at the same time to scroll back up again.
  2. Tab between boxes on online forms. When there’s a pop-up menu to input details of your state, type the first letter of the state to scroll through options.
  3. To make web text larger, press control +. Mac users, make that “Command +.”
  4. Don’t bother with punctuation on your smartphone. Hit the space bar twice for a period and the next letter will be automatically capitalized.
  5. Hit the call button on your phone to redial the last person you spoke to. No need to go into your contacts.
  6. Speaking of phones, carriers have keystrokes that let you bypass the “15 seconds of fricking instructions, like we haven’t had answer machines for 45 years.” Sadly, each shortcut is different. “I didn’t say these were going to be perfect,” Pogue allows.
  7. Use Google as a dictionary by typing “define” followed with the word you want to understand. You can also use it as an FAA database for flight details.
  8. To highlight a word, don’t drag across it with the mouse. Double click it. And don’t bother deleting text; just type.
  9. Avoid shutter lag by half pressing down the button of your camera before you take a picture. For folks who still use cameras.
  10. Press “b” to black out a slide (or “w” to white it out). And make sure people are paying attention to your wonderful presentation.

Hope these helped and I’ll be continuing with this theme throughout the week. Tomorrow I’ll be blogging about some tricks for all students’ favourite pastime – watching films on your laptop.

Like always, all feedback is welcomed in the comments, and if you’d like a particular theme or type of life hack just let me know.



Dessert life hacks

Hey folks,

the final life hack post for this week is in honour of my food-crazy brother, Francis, who’s off to college next year and won’t have mammy and sister to stuff endless treats down his neck. Here’s a few shortcuts for him and others in a similar situation in college.

My first dessert life hack is one Francis actually found himself and shared with me. It’s a recipe for the easiest loaf of bread you will ever make.

make-bread-with-ice-cream-life-hackThe reason this works is simple: ice cream is basically eggs, sugar, milk and cream. Add flour to the mix and you have a basic bread recipe. If you want to try something interesting try using mint or honeycomb ice cream for a sweet bread loaf.

And next is one of my favourite life hacks. In first year my friend Sorcha introduced me to these simple desserts – cakes in a mug. There’s a whole section of the internet dedicated to these phenomenons and their various flavours (it’s worth a Google) but this is my favourite.

The reason this works is the way the egg expands and firms up in the microwave. But be careful not to overfill the mug or the contents will spill out when you microwave the mixture.

And they’re my posts for this week. As always, the original sources of all life hacks in this blog can be found by clicking on the image and if you have any suggestions, questions, comments or tips please leave them below.