Mid-term life hacks

Hey guys!!

So I’ve a few more life hacks to share today.

Firstly, here it is, the MOTHER of all student life hacks. Hate washing up? Can’t find a plate in the first place? This is for you.

simple-diy-genius-hacks-college-3When you’re done just roll up the tortilla and eat it. Winning all around.

My next hack for today is especially for those living in Manor here in Waterford or any student living in an apartment block. My biggest pet peeve when I use elevators is kids or my immature friends pressing EVERY SINGLE BUTTON as they get out. There aren’t enough dirty looks in the the world to give them as the door closes. Seriously, the longer I’m in there the more likely I’m going to get stuck or plummet to my death. Thankfully there’s this:

brilliant-life-hacks-12Your life might actually be saved by this. For realzies.

That’s it for this post but I’ll be posting again tomorrow.

As always the original links in all my pictures can be found by clicking on the pictures and comments, suggestions and feedback is always appreciated below.




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