Hey students and other readers!!

We’re on midterm from college this week so I am without a theme, as such the plan at the moment is just to post some random and convenient life hacks and tips for your benefit. Hope you enjoy!!!

My first life hack is one I found while perusing one of my favourite sites, Imgur. If you want to change your Facebook news feed back to chronological order (newest post first) then check this out.


This next life hack is from Degree Escape. If you need to microwave two bowls or plates in the microwave but are having a tough time fitting them both just place one on top of an upturned mug and they’ll both fit.


And speaking of using a microwave, if you’re heating food leave a gap in the middle while you’re heating it. This will ensure the food is more evenly heated and the edges won’t dry out and turn to lava while the centre is still ice.


They’re my posts for today. In my next post I’ll be showing you a life hack of my own on how to get free music from iTunes as well as some other stuff.

As always, the original sources of all life hacks in this blog can be found by clicking on the image and if you have any suggestions, questions, comments or tips please leave them below.




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