Discounts and free stuff for students

So this week I’m hoping to blog some general stuff that’s handy to know as a student.

This post focuses on money and how to save it, or better yet how to get something for free.


My first life hack is one I generated myself on, as it didn’t exist yet. I felt it deserved to be immortalised in life hack form.


Yup, if you, like most students I’ve ever had this conversation with, weren’t aware that if you present your student travel card to the cashier in McDonalds, you can order a student meal, which is either a Big Mac, a quarter pounder, 6 McNuggets, a McChicken sandwich or a Fillet O’ Fish sandwich with medium fries and medium soft drink for just €5 then this one is for you.

Available in all republic of Ireland chains, even though the offer is technically valid with a student travel card, a friend of mine that works in McDonalds says they will accept a student card in towns with a college in them, with exception of Dublin who only accept the student travel card.

I’ve only handed in my WIT student card for the last year in Waterford and never had a problem getting my student value meal. Cheaper than the Eurosaver menu and the perfect hangover cure. Bargain.


My second tip for saving money is joining student discount sites. Currently my favourite is Unidays, which you can find at .


By joining up for free, you gain instant access to student discounts on men’s and women’s clothing of 10-25%, and sometimes more. Discounts are available online and in store from this site, which I love, as I still like actually going to the shop to buy my clothes. 🙂 Some discounts are continuously available through them, like their 10% Cath Kidson, ASOS and Missguided discounts, but others are limited time offers, and these tend to be of greater value. It’s worth keeping an eye to the website for these, or following their Twitter and Facebook accounts for updates.

Currently Unidays is offering limited time discounts for 20% off at H&M in store, 20% off at, 20% off at Urban Outfitters online, and a 30% discount at Forever Unique, from their website. With popular student brands like these it’s well worth clicking on to the site and seeing if you can shave a few euros off the price of those new shoes you were about to order.

Acumen Panel

My final tip for this post is to join the Acumen Panel. It was actually a lecturer from the school of business in W.I.T. that put me onto this tip.

If you haven’t heard of the Acumen Panel ( ) it’s basically a website that rewards you with points for doing surveys they send you. A very clever way to get people to help with market research. Once you set up a profile, they will send you surveys (usually one or two a week) and based on how long it’s estimated that they take you to fill out, they will reward you with points. Most surveys take five to ten minutes to complete and you get about a hundred to two hundred points for your time. I’ve done them sitting on the bus to college, waiting for lecturers to arrive, here, there and everywhere to fill a five-minute gap.

The important part though is the points. The points, worth a cent each can be added up to purchase gift cards for sites like Amazon or Brown Thomas through the website’s partner, The rewards may seem small but it requires minimal effort, and you’ll be surprised to see how they add up by the time you start Christmas shopping, and the difference it makes.

Hopefully this helps you guys out a bit. As always, if you’ve any suggestions or feedback, or tips you think are worth sharing leave me a comment.

Till next time 🙂



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