Freshers Week 3: Everything but the spirits (W.I.T. edition)

Hey fellow W.I.T. students.

This post is specifically for you guys, to show what you may have missed this week in Waterford Institute of Technology if Freshers Week was too much of a distraction.

Clubs and Societies!!

Clubs and Societies open day was held during Freshers week on Tuesday in College Street campus and on Wednesday this week in Cork Road campus. Clubs and Societies in WIT grow in number every year and there’s something for everyone to get involved in. Most cost just €3 to join for the year and membership often offers discounted event ticket prices. They often hold events like quizzes, social nights out and specialist events based around the society’s theme.

Other than upward of 20 sports clubs, like soccer, rugby, pool and karate, other societies include cultural, political as well as entertainment. These societies include the L.G.B.T. society, the comedy society, the Christian Ethos society, the Fianna Fail society, the Psychology society, the Foróige society, the Islamic society, the Irish society and the business society (currently W.I.T.’s largest society). So if you missed the open day for whatever reasons there’s still plenty of time to become involved.

You can contact the Clubs and Societies Office in Cork Road campus to get the full list by e-mailing them at, phoning the office on 051 302 238 or visiting their Facebook page through this link, .

Fitness Suite Classes are back next week!!

Even I missed this bit of information. The Fitness Suite here on campus begins offering their evening fitness classes again from Monday.

You can find the image posted above, as well as more information on the classes and their gym membership packages and prices on there Facebook page, at

WiFi Printing now available

My final tidbit of information you may have missed this week is that printing is now available through wifi on campus. This may not sound like a big deal if you’re in first year, or if you don’t have a lot to print off for your course (you don’t know how lucky you are) but if you’ve spent any amount of time trying to print off hand outs on the library, no longer having to offer your first born child to the library computer Gods in exchange for having your computer log you on in under ten minutes or actually sending all your print jobs to the printer an entire floor away makes the future a marvelous thing indeed.

The steps are below in a pic I took by the printing kiosk in the business building, across from Centra. Another kiosk is located where the top up machine was formerly located in the main building, near A.I.B.

2013-09-26 11.17.05

Another tip about these new kiosks is that they allow you to top up your WitCard online if the queue for the machine is too long (when is it not) or the wifi is too slow to top up using the WitCard app (which always is).

In my next blog post I’ll be back to my usual mix of general student orientated life hacks and tips. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments.

Till then friends,



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