Freshers Week 1: Getting in the spirit

The theme for my blog this week is Freshers week, as its presence is strong here in college.

Freshers week for any student is one of the most important social events of the year, along with Little Christmas and Rag Week. Bonding with your new classmates and celebrating the college life are what it’s all about, but being responsible is a must this week and a healthy balance of socialising, college and re-hydrating is the key.

But with that said, today’s blog will provide you with some information on how to make the perfect vodka jelly shots and a few life hacks regarding how to open a beer bottle without an actual bottle opener.

The perfect vodka jelly shot

Vodka jelly shots always go down well at parties, they don’t cost an arm and a leg to make and are perfect to use during drinking games. There’s a vodka kick to them, but they’re still fairly low in alcohol compared to other shots so they’re handy when you know it’s going to be a night fairly heavy on the drink.

I’ve spent years perfecting my technique and can break it down to 2 steps for getting them right.

  1. Vodka to water ratio
  2. Preparing the shot glasses

So when making up your jelly solution, the trick is  the ratio.

Only make 3/4 the suggested amount of jelly, with 2/4 hot water and 1/4 vodka. If the jelly packet says to make up a pint of jelly, the trick to making sure the jelly sets with the vodka added is  to only make 3/4 of a pint of jelly, with 2/4 pint hot water and 1/4 pint vodka. Jelly needs to be a little bit stronger than usual to allow for it to set with the vodka. It’s a science thing apparently.

The second part of the perfect vodka jelly shot is preparing the shot glasses. Without preparing them properly you will spend the entire night with your finger in the shot glasses trying to loosen the jelly, cursing having ever made the blasted things. The secret here, as told to me by my bar man friend is cooking oil. Wipe cooking oil gently on the inside of all the shot glasses to allow the jelly to come away easily.

Embedded image permalink

1. Wrap a piece of kitchen roll or tissue around your index finger.

2. Put the tip of your finger in the neck of a bottle of cooking oil to soak it a little bit.

3. Rub the entire inside of each shot glass with a little oil, making sure to rub oil on the bottom. This creates a barrier for the jelly so it won’t stick to the edge and will fall out easily when turned upside down.

Jelly shots all ’round!!

How to open a bottle without a bottle opener.

So to finish up, I thought I’d show you some handy life hacks I’ve found online on how to open a beer bottle when someone’s misplaced the bottle opener and all hope is gone. I’ve gotten friends to try them at parties and they do work. To see the original just click on the link above the picture.

The first is from The Chive.

The second hack comes from Cheats Sheeter.

So with that, enjoy Freshers Week, be sensible and safe, and drink lots of water.



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